Sushant Singh Father Deteriorated After His Son’s Sudden Demise

The news of the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has passed only 2-3 days. The suicide of this actor has given a big blow to the industry. But someone is most broken by the news of the actor’s death and his family is hurt. The death of the son has severely broken the father. Sushant’s suicide has completely broken his father Krishna Kumar Singh, who is unable to handle himself.

His family came to Mumbai for Sushant’s funeral, but the news of Sushant’s father KK Singh has suddenly deteriorated. Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh suddenly worsened on Tuesday morning. He is in such deep shock that he has fainted again and again. He was taken to Patna due to deteriorating health day by day.

Sushant Singh Father Deteriorated After His Son's Sudden Demise
In this report, it is being told that Sushant’s father has left for Patna with one member of his family. The condolence meeting in Mumbai in his father’s absence has been postponed for now. There is no official statement from Sushant’s family.

Please tell that in his statement to the police, Sushant’s father had told a few things about the son. According to a report, a Mumbai police officer has informed that Sushant’s father did not know that his son was in depression. He knew that Sushant was often depressed, but did not know he was very sad inside. Also, He said that no one in the family knows why he was so depressed.


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