Famous as a tick-talk girl and BJP leader Sonali Phogat (Sonali Phogat), who contested against Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi from Adampur assembly constituency in Hisar, Haryana, slapped Sultan Singh, the secretary of the market committee, after a minor altercation in Hisar. Slap) given root. Sonali Phogat’s video has become viral on social media.

In fact, Sonali Phogat got into an argument with the secretary of the market committee about something and during this debate, Sonali Phogat lost her temper and threatened to slap the chairman of the market committee first and then slap the receipt. During this time, in this video, Secretary Sonali kept trying to stop Phogat repeatedly.

Sonali Phogat is saying this to the secretary in the video that you are using such words as if you do not understand. Who has taught you to joke abusive or speak profanity with a woman? The slap you get is less.


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