Lockdown Congress Online Campaign Against Modi Government Today

Political enthusiasts have started picking up in the country amid increasing cases of corona. After two months, political parties are again active. On May 30, after the completion of one year of the Modi government at the Center, the BJP will hold several e-rails ranging from 1 thousand virtual conferences. Due to this, the Congress party has devised a virtual strategy to surround the Modi government.

Lockdown Congress Online Campaign Against Modi Government Today

The Congress will today launch an online movement to demand relief package for migrant laborers, farmers, and small shopkeepers. The Congress party will target the Modi government over the issue of farmers, laborers, small shopkeepers, and unorganized workers facing the Corona crisis and lockdown. The Congress has become active in the demand for immediate assistance of Rs 10,000 from the central government in the account of all those families who do not come under the purview of income taxis. For this, the Congress party will conduct a massive online campaign from 11 am to 2 pm today.

Lockdown Congress Online Campaign Against Modi Government Today
Migrant workers head home from New Delhi after the national lockdown took effect.

The Congress party has targeted to mobilize 50 lakh Congress workers online on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Congress says that cash should be transferred directly to the account of small shopkeepers, poor, farmers, and women affected by the lockdown.

Following Rahul Gandhi’s press conference on Tuesday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted and supported Rahul Gandhi’s issues and questioned the central government. CM Ashok Gehlot has demanded the transfer of money to the accounts of those affected by the lockdown.


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