Since actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicide, there has been a fierce debate in Bollywood about nepotism. Many Bollywood stars have voiced against nepotism in the film industry. Which includes the name of Bollywood’s dashing and unassuming Queen Kangana Ranaut. Kangana had taken a dig at some Bollywood people and star kids since Sushant’s suicide. Now angry actress Kangana Ranaut Slams Taapsee Pannu.

There has been a verbal war between Kangana and Tapsee on social media. Taking a dig at Taapsee over nepotism, Kangana wrote, ‘There are many sycophants who are trying to weaken Kangana’s initiative. They just have to be good in the movie mafia book. They get awards for doing evil to Kangana. These people also harass women. Shame on you, Taapsee. Take advantage of Kangana’s struggle and stand against her.’

A few days ago, Taapsee targeted Kangana without naming her. Taapsee wrote, ‘I have learned many things in my life. More is understood in a few months. With this, I have been able to see life from the right perspective. On the other hand, Taapsee had shared many quotes with this tweet. In which she was taunted for spreading negativity on people.

Kangana and Taapsee have never been worked on together. Kangana’s sister Rangoli has taken Taapsee on many occasions. In such a situation, it is not new to Kangana to tell Taapsee completely about Nepotism is strange thing.


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