Helmed by JL50 producer & actor Ritika Anand, Canada based Piggybank Movie Fund to help filmmakers in India. JL50, a critically acclaimed series boasts of power-packed performances by the likes of Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Ritika Anand & Piyush Mishra.

The Piggybank Movie fund based in Canada, aimed at funding visual medium content where content creators can apply for funding through a selection criteria. For investors, it means investment into content that can monetize, excluding the risk involved in private finance, into content that never sees the light of day.

The Fund aims to also explore treaty co-productions with big content consuming countries like India & USA and support them with available Canadian subsidies, resources which remain largely under-utilized.

“The Fund will support diverse & experimental content. India being one of the largest consumers of content, the fund will back content that finds a market in India. So the Piggybank Movie Fund will aid the production & release of diverse content that Indian viewers are craving,” says Ritika Anand.

A new direction for Canadian cinema

Canada already has multiple rebates in place to attract more content production, leading to the growth of Hollywood quality talent within Canada. However, it has not been able to monetize on content because the consumers for Canadian content are negligible.

The Piggybank Movie Fund, is an opportunity for Canadian investors to earn from larger content consuming industries like India & USA. This takes the Canadian film agenda to the next level.

Films for the people by the people*

The Piggybank Movie Fund has a crowd funding division which allows viewers to support the content they want to see. By contributing to a project, viewers get involved in the process of selection.

It’s high time that people decide what they want to see and Piggybank Movie Fund gives them that power. The Fund will open for submissions in the first quarter of 2021.


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