Hindustani Bhau Sent Legal Notice To Serial Producer Ekta Kapoor

Due to adult web series ‘XXX-2’, the difficulties of TV queen Ekta Kapoor are increasing. Slowly, rebellion against Ekta Kapoor is being raised all over the country. It was all started by Hindustani Bhau, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Hindustani Bhau lodged an FIR against Ekta Kapoor and objected to the web show ‘XXX-2’.

Taking his next step against ‘XXX-2’, Hindustani Bhau has sent a legal notice to Ekta Kapoor. Due to this legal notice of Hindustani Bhau, Ekta may have to bear a loss of 100 crores. The case has been disclosed by Hindustani Bhau’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan. Speaking to a media reporter, counsel for Hindustani Bhau said, “We have sent a legal notice to Ekta Kapoor for insulting the army.”

Hindustani Bhau said, “According to this notice, Ekta Kapoor will have to pay a fine of Rs 100 crore to the Government of India with an apology. We have to be assured about this and promise that the army will not be insulted in this way in the future. If Ekta Kapoor has not responded to this legal notice within the next 14 days, then we can take legal action against her. We have also applied to the High Court to ban ALT Balaji.


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