Lions Run Out Of Fear After Group Of Buffaloes Attacking Them

Lions Run Out Of Fear

On hearing the name of Lion, the image of a fearless, ferocious and sharp animal is formed in our mind. Perhaps this is why we call the Lion King of Forest and Lioness the Queen of the Jungle. In all the stories we have heard from childhood till today, the lion and lioness, the king of the forest, scare the remaining animals and make them their prey, but can anyone ever be afraid of a lion and lioness, buffalo? The question is a bit strange, but these days social media users are in the same confusion that after all how can one be afraid of a lion, a buffalo.

Actually, a video has become viral on Twitter these days, after which the same confusion will come in your mind. In this video, the lion and lioness, the king of the forest, is seen running away afraid of a herd of buffaloes. Not only this, when the lion roars on the buffalo to save its lioness, but they also are not afraid. See yourself in this video lions run out of fear

This video has been shared by IFS Office Sushant Nanda on his Twitter. Sharing this video, Nanda wrote in the caption, ‘The buffalo coup, separated the king and queen.’ This video is being liked so much that so far more than 7 thousand views have been received on this video. At the same time, hundreds of people have commented on this video. See who said anything …

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