Narendra Modi Government 2.0

The Modi government, which has the responsibility of running the country, has completed the first year of its second term today. In such a situation, you have the right to know what the government has done in the last one year. Today BJP is going to do a big program to tell this.

On 30 May 2019, Narendra Modi, who returned to power with a dramatic majority, was sworn in as Prime Minister for the second time. Since then, the wheel of time has turned and completed a cycle of one year. Today is the first anniversary of the second term of the Modi government. On this occasion, BJP is starting a big program from today to reach the people of the government.

This program will start at 11.30 am when the BJP National President JP Nadda will hold the press conference in the name of the country and the achievements of the government. After this, JP Nadda will also address through Facebook Live at 4 pm in which he will present a glimpse of self-reliant India. The address will be broadcast on all BJP social media channels.

After the press conference of BJP President JP Nadda and Facebook Live, the Union Minister, National Officer, and CM of BJP ruled states will do 1000 virtual rallies. Through the press conference at 150 media centers, the main achievements of the Modi government for one year, self-reliant India, and fighting the Corona effectively will be an attempt to make the government talk to the public.

The BJP aims to send the Prime Minister’s letter to 100 million families. Guidelines have also been given to the workers for this. During the distribution of the letter, there will be no more than two workers in a group, and they have been asked to avoid going to the Red Zone. Today, BJP workers will also take a pledge for Swadeshi on the appeal of PM Modi’s self-reliant India. Apart from this, the economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees announced by the Modi government in the Corona crisis will be loudly publicized. A digital bulletin of the government’s achievements will be extracted. The BJP and all associated organizations will distribute masks and sanitizers to the needy.

Special care has also been taken for the Bihar election in BJP’s campaign. The goal of the party is that today at least one million people of Bihar watch JP Nadda’s Facebook live. Not only this, but the party has also planned to run a special campaign for the Bihar elections between June 6 and 23.


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